The Film

Born Again: The Power Team Story is a feature-length documentary profiling a world-famous Evangelical bodybuilding ministry called The Power Team who travel the United States performing feats of strength (crushing piles of brick, smashing through walls of solid ice, inflating hot-water bottles with their bare lungs) to bring the unsaved to Jesus Christ.

Since the early 80′s, The Power Team has been a household name, not just in Christian homes across America, but in all homes across America. Because although The Power Team had their own television show on TBN, were the subject of an entire episode of Walker, Texas Ranger, and were selling out massive coliseums that hosted their crusades the world over, The Power Team was also in public schools across America, speaking to millions of young people about integrity, strong morals, and sticking up for oneself. Christian or not, The Power Team made an impact on America, period.

We chronicle the history of The Power Team through the lens of its founder, John Jacobs, and original team members by chronicling the team’s meteoric rise, beginning in 1978 when Jacobs was eighteen years old (breaking handcuffs to get the attention of and preach to prisoners in jail), to the late 80’s and 90’s where the team commanded an 11-million-dollar-a-year ministry, second only to mega-preacher Billy Graham in crusade attendees and revenue.

We meet The Power Team in 2004, two years after the highly profiled and controversial departure of their founder, forced to decide whether to resurrect the reputation of their ministry or abandon the decades-old ministry they had worked so hard to build.

The team, now a crew of remaining members led by Jacobs’ protégé Todd Keene, seeks to rebuild The Power Team name and bring integrity to a ministry that has many challenges on the horizon. As Todd Keene says in the film, “All we need to do is work hard and focus on the lost.”

Through the history of The Power Team we tell the story of a slice of American life that has never been told before by chronicling the powerful shift in Christian ministry during the 80′s and 90′s when the Power Team challenged the perceptions of what it meant to be a Christian man, and opened doors to millions of followers of Jesus Christ.

We have spent the last several years filming the team on crusades across the United States, and in their homes with their families. Not only does the film chronicle the thirty year history of the team, it simultaneously documents the emotional, familial, physical, and psychological toll these massive bodybuilders endure to preach the gospel and save the lost.